Studio Experience




Don’t you just love overcrowded, dirty gyms, with people everywhere while you are trying to workout? We don’t either! Fit Club is a personal training studio where you get to train with a certified trainer. People are not coming and going, everything is cleaned and sanitized, and the equipment is ready for you to use during your session with your trainer, who is giving you their undivided attention for your 60-minute session.


The studio is 1200 square feet conveniently located in south Chino Hills off the 71 freeway on Pine Avenue. The club has six cardio machines for you to use before or after your session; maybe even during if you’re lucky! We also have a variety of equipment from free weights, to resistance bands, to TRX. Everything is cleaned and sanitized frequently for your health and safety. We have three TVs and Pandora, so please request what you would like to watch or hear during your session to keep you motivated and working hard.




Each session is 60 minutes. We recommend that you arrive early to do a 10-minute warm-up on one of the cardio machines, as well as foam roll and stretching as directed by your trainer. You may arrive earlier or stay late if you would like to do additional cardio. Your trainer will discuss all your fitness goals with you and design a workout that will guide you to achieve those goals. We share your excitement and determine for the “after” version of you!




Towels and cold bottled water are available for all of our clients. You’re going to need it! We also offer coffee if you need a pick-me-up before your session or time to relax after your session.




We have one unisex restroom for your use with shelving and hooks to accommodate your changing needs. Please note that our studio does not have a shower facility.




We have personal storage bins facing the workout area. Please use these storage bins for your belongings.




Free parking is available onsite.




Please help us make everyone’s experience at Fit Club enjoyable!


  • Hydrate

Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sessions. We want you to be healthy, strong, and ready to workout!


  • Kindness

Respect all clients and trainer; treat other as you would have them treat you.


  • Unplug

Please silence your ringers and please refrain from using your cell phones to talk, text, or listen to your own music. We understand you’re popular, but out of respect for your trainer and other clients, please keep your electronics stored away appropriately.


  • Chatting

Once you’re part of Fit Club, you’re part of the family. We know we are all friends, but we should try to keep our chatting to a minimum while trainers and clients are participating in sessions.


  • Upkeep

We value our equipment and keep everything in excellent condition. We do our part; please do yours and wipe down the cardio equipment if you stay longer do to cardio on your own.


  • Tidiness

Please help keep our studio clean by tiding up after yourself.


  • Sign up, Show up

Our trainers work hard to fit everyone in at the times they desire. If you schedule a time with your trainer, please show up. If for any reason you are unable to make it to your appointment, please cancel 24 hours before your session to open up the spot for other clients. Your trainer will try their best to reschedule for your desired time.